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Tips to be Green While Camping this Summer

Read these tips before your next camping trip

May 8, 2019

Summer is just around the corner and for many that means packing up our vehicles and heading to our favorite camp sites. Looking to take your eco-friendly lifestyle with you? Well look no further. Here are some tips to help the wilderness, while you’re there enjoying it.

  • Bring reusable dishware. Though it may seem like the easy choice, it is not the right choice. Pack unbreakable dishes, cups, silverware, and towels. Not only is this the eco-friendly option, but will also save you money on buying disposable dishware.
  • Use non-toxic sunscreen and bug spray. Other sunscreens and bug sprays are full of chemicals and are toxic to the environment, animals and yourself. There are even recipes to make your own sunscreen.
  • Bring solar lanterns and chargers. Solar lanterns & chargers use solar power rather than batteries or electricity to produce light or a charge.
  • Use a reusable water bottle. Plastic water bottles are extremely wasteful, plus it saves on the trash you have to bring home with you.
  • Know where to go when nature calls. You will want to dig a hole at least 6 inches deep that is 200 yards away from your campsite and water resources. Make sure to bring a paper bag with to dispose of your toilet paper.
  • Lastly, take care of your trash and stay on marked trails.

For more information on these camping tips, visit the site here.