Disturbed Stops Show to Help a Young Woman Shoved in the Pit

"Anyone who isn't as strong as you deserves your protection"

February 1, 2019

Ethan Miller / Staff

At a tour stop in Houston on Monday night, Disturbed singer David Draiman stopped the show to check on a young woman who had been pulled into the pit and shoved around. 

Fan-shot footage misses the incident of 30-year-old Sammie being swallowed into the chaos of the crowd, but it does manage to capture Draiman inviting the woman onto the stage. "On behalf of the gentleman of Disturbed I would apologize for you getting jumped into our gang" he explained as she stood beside him on stage. "Call me old fashioned, there are some crazy idiots out there who would call me sexist for insisting on protecting a woman like a woman needs protection but you know what, everyone needs protection."

"Anyone who isn't as strong as you deserves your protection."

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With that Draiman invited the woman to sit on the drumkit riser on stage through the next song as the crowd cheered.

Disturbed continue their Evolution Tour into March across the US before heading to Europe for several shows. You can find the full list of dates here.

Evolution is now available everywhere. You can check out an exclusive performance of "A Reason To Fight" below.