1Thing: Your Bum Deserves Better

Still buying toilet paper wrapped in plastic? We have the solution.

August 22, 2018

We all do the deed. We all need toilet paper! But have you ever thought about just how wasteful those plastic wrapped stacks of toilet paper are? Or how about those convenient paper towels that come individually wrapped in plastic at Costco? Not so convenient for the environment.

The fact of the matter is of course we need toilet paper, and maybe we’re not all ready to commit to what’s called family cloth (read: reusable cloth rags that don’t bode too well against bacteria).

So what’s the solution? The folks over at Who Gives A Crap have come up with a fun way to help sustain the convenience and hygiene of using toilet paper, all while helping those who don’t have access to toilets or developed plumbing. All their products are made from environmentally friendly materials, no trees! There are no chemicals or dyes in their toilet paper, so that’s a healthy perk too.  

Not only do they sell toilet paper, but also facial tissues and paper towels. 50% of their proceeds go to helping build toilets for those without, and improving sanitation. You have the option to a subscription to not think about ordering these household items, and can change your subscription if needed. Interested in learning more, click here.

Make this the 1Thing you can do to help make our world a better place!