1Thing: Should you get a Real Christmas Tree or an Artificial One?

What type of tree should you get this Christmas?

November 20, 2018

It is almost that time of year again, Christmas! Are you ready to get into the Christmas spirit and start decorating? A longstanding tradition for many families is choosing the perfect tree. Whether it's real or fake, it's important to know how both can impact our environment.

Here are some points to think about this year when picking out your tree:

  • Fake trees contain lead. Lead is harmful to your health. Particles can be dislodged into the air by touching a fake tree, or even by vacuuming around it. You do not want to breathe in those lead particles.
  • Usage. It would take about 20 Christmases to make up for the energy that was needed to create one artificial tree. A good incentive to keep yours in good shape and get at least 20 years out of it.
  • Real trees are recyclable. You can recycle or compost a real tree when Christmas is over. Many think that when you cut down a Christmas tree, you are harming the environment. However, most Christmas trees come from farms that are continuously planting new trees as mature trees are harvested. Not to mention providing shelter for birds and animals.

Considering the pros and cons, real trees have a smaller environmental impact. But if you already own an artificial tree, you can help the environment by keeping it for at least 20 years. For more information on these points, click here.

Do your 1Thing by getting a real tree!