1Thing: Quick steps to make your workplace more sustainable

Green tips for the office

September 12, 2018

Since WCCO Radio, BUZ'N @ 102.9, and 104.1 JACK-FM became Entercom Stations last year, there have been a few shifts in how we do things. BUZ'N got a new midday host, JACK-FM plays EVEN more of what we want, and WCCO even got a fancy new logo (WOOO!).

But there’s one change many of us are particularly proud of — an initiative to make our office more sustainable, part of a larger Entercom green project called 1Thing.

Like other new Enercom stations,  we were given a year to implement “green pledges,” or concrete actions we could take to make our workplace generate less waste and consume less energy. We thought we’d share some of these, as most of these ideas are the kind of things that any office can do with a bit initiative and planning.

Energy-Efficient lighting. This green pledge was for us to change out all of our incandescent bulbs for LED lighting. Initially, we hoped to use motion sensor lighting and make sure all lights are off at the end of the day. Those are good idea you might consider, but for us they proved a challenge as we have employees here 24/7.

Paper Saving. We have now switched to buying 100% post-consumer recycled paper. I know what you’re thinking — that has to be more expensive. However, if you reduce the paper you print by switching to utilizing pdf files, e-invoicing, etc., it will help make up for it.

Recycling. Recycling is by far one of the easiest initiatives you can implement into your company. Sometimes we ask ourselves what we can and cannot recycle, so we put a sheet up by our recycle bins that gives employees a handy guide.

Kitchen/Bathroom Areas. We no longer use any of those disposable cups, plates, water or bottles, etc. Instead, we put reusable dishware and flatware for employees to use in the breakroom (along with a helpful sign reminding folks to do their dishes :). Other tips: Make those paper supplies for the kitchen and bathroom recyclable, and cleaning products green. Provide coffee and/or tea for your employees? Move away from single use machines that generate excess waste,  and choose organic/fair trade options if possible.

Temperature Settings. In our building we now have set temperatures. Heaters at 68, air conditioners at 73, water heaters below 110, and refrigerators at 37.

Vehicles. Consider if the amount of company vehicles you have is necessary. If it is time for a new vehicle, purchase a hybrid, electric, or one of the best energy efficient cars.

All of our stations also run On-Air tips about sustainability and how to be environmentally friendly.

These are the tips that proved useful to us. We hope they can get you started on making your workplace a greener place.