1Thing: National America Recycles Day is November 15

Take the Online Pledge Today

November 15, 2018

There seems to be a national day for almost everything these days and that’s OK because it’s fun to celebrate! Today, it's National America Recycles Day. According to earth911.com, it's the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States. The event started in 1997 as a Keep America Beautiful initiative to help educate others on how to recycle correctly and the importance of recycling for our environment.

The Recycling Association of Minnesota is the state organizer for America Recycles Day. First and foremost, the campaign’s approach is to promote recycling with online pledging. Make your pledge today HERE. This is a fun way to get your friends, families and coworkers together to talk about the importance of recycling and pledge to recycle together.

If you want to get even more involved, the Recycling Association of Minnesota has a toolkit that provides everything you will need to promote America Recycles Day HERE. Get together and show everyone what you're recycling today using #AmericaRecyclesDay.

Do your 1Thing today and recycle!