1Thing: The Bus is Better

It’s easier than ever to be green when going to Work

April 2, 2019

If you live in Twin Cities, or the surrounding area, you’re well aware that it can be difficult at times to not have a car.  But perception doesn’t always match reality, and it’s time to think differently about how easy it is to be mobile in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

First, did you know that MetroTransit has an app that allows you to board all MetroTransit buses and trains with the touch of a button? No need to carry petty cash, worry about transferring money to a card, traveling to a location to buy a card, or waiting for the mail after purchasing a card online. This app free for both Android and iOS, and allows you to make purchases in real time. Fair warning, once you activate your mobile ticket, it will expire after 2½ hours, just like a traditional ticket. You will be able to transfer any number of times inside that window.

Going along with the mobile trend, there are also apps available that track the buses in your area. The Transit app tracks buses that are near you with the help of transit agencies and shared mobility providers. It's especially helpful when weather can cause delays and dangerous conditions at bus stops.

Park & Rides are another great option for suburban commuters. There are Park & Ride locations all over town, and you can find them here. These work great when you don’t want to stand out in the cold or the heat for the bus, and can wait in the comfort of your own car until you see it coming. This can also be a great meet-up point for car-pooling.

All in all, the bus not only saves you money, but also is a more sustainable way of getting around. Along with a smaller carbon footprint, it also helps the whole city to move around a bit more fluidly.

Finally, think about ride-sharing the next time you’re stuck in traffic along with hundreds of other cars, most of which just have single driver. Seems like an unnecessary problem when we’re all going the same direction.