Tom DeLonge Says His Alien-Hunting Project Is Not $37 Million in Debt

October 16, 2018

Tom Delonge left BLINK-182 to focus on Aliens.  He even founded an organization called the 'To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences.' But yesterday, the tech site 'Ars Technica' dug up a financial report that was filed with the SEC, which said Tom's organization was more than $37 million in debt, and might not be able to continue.

According to the report, the To the Stars Academy had just $129,534 in cash. But Tom said that the UFO debt DOESN'T EXIST. He called it a 'blatant lie," and said, quote, "[We] never even raised $37 million, so how in the hell did we spend it?!  Lord.  [They're] trying to hurt an admirable effort to help humanity by using negative attacks and lies."

He added, quote, "The approximate $37 million stockholders' deficit is NOT debt . . . IT IS NOT RELATED TO THE OPERATIONAL RESULTS OF THE COMPANY."

Ars Technica later updated their report, changing 'debt' to 'deficit.'