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Titanic II Plans To Set Sail In 2022

October 23, 2018

Grab your heart of the ocean and let's go! According to USA Today, the Titanic II is set to make its two-week maiden voyage in 2022, and construction of the replica recently resumed after a financial dispute held up the $500 million project for several years.

The Titanic ll, which will feature the same cabin layout as the original, and will sail from Dubai to Southampton, England and then on to New York, tracing the North Atlantic route of its doomed namesake, which sunk on April 12, 1912, less than three hours after sideswiping an iceberg.

The new ship will carry almost exactly the same number of passengers (2,400) and crew (900) as the original, but more importantly, it will boast modern navigation and safety technology – including plenty of lifeboats.

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