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T.I. Thinks the CIA Killed Bob Marley with a Pair of Cancer-Infected Converse

September 6, 2018

Crazy conspiracy theories have been around as long as mankind. But it feels like we live in an era where WAY more people are getting duped by them than ever. Yesterday, T.I. shared a wild one about Bob Marley. Bob died in 1981, after a four-year battle with a cancer that began in his big toe. For years, there's been talk that the CIA killed Marley for his counter-culture beliefs. And last year some garbage website printed an alleged deathbed confession from a CIA agent who claimed HE gave Bob that cancer.

His name was Bill Oxley, and he said he posed as a photographer for the "New York Times" to gain access to Bob. And during their time together, he gave Bob a pair of Converse All Stars as a gift. But the right one had a nail inside it that was tainted with, quote, "cancer viruses and bacteria." When Bob tried it on, it pierced his toe, and that was that.

I’m just gon leave this here....

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The story has been debunked,and this Oxley guy probably doesn't even exist. But that didn't stop T.I. from posting it on Instagram and saying, quote, "I'm just gon leave this here . . ."  Busta Rhymes hopped on it, too.