The Ten States That Rank Highest and Lowest in Christmas Spirit

December 17, 2018

"Christmas spirit" isn't something tangible. It's a feeling that can't really be calculated or quantified. But of course, someone decided to try anyway. A new study looked at ten different metrics to see which STATES have the most Christmas spirit.

They factored in things like google searches for Christmas movies, shopping trends for ornaments and wrapping paper, our Christmas music streaming habits, and how much people give to charity this time of year.

And according to the results, the state with the most Christmas spirit is Washington.

The top ten states for Christmas spirit are Washington, South Dakota, Utah, Missouri, Maine, Tennessee, Alabama, Arkansas, Virginia, and North Carolina.

Alaska ranked LAST in Christmas spirit, followed by Hawaii. So apparently the spirit fades once you're outside the lower 48.

The ten states with the lowest level of Christmas spirit are Alaska, Hawaii, Florida, New Jersey, Michigan, Nevada, Minnesota, Arizona, California, and New Mexico. 

See where your state ranks in celebrating the most wonderful time of the year! 

1. Washington

2. South Dakota

3. Utah

4. Missouri

5. Maine

6. Tennessee

7. Alabama

8. Arkansas

9. Virginia

10. North Carolina

11. Pennsylvania

12. Indiana

13. West Virginia

14. Wisconsin

15. Mississippi

16. Rhode Island  

17. Idaho

18. Wyoming

19. North Dakota

20. Ohio

21. Massachusetts

22. Oregon

23. South Carolina

24. Iowa

25. Nebraska

26. Kentucky

27. Oklahoma

28. Vermont

29. Kansas

30. Colorado

31. New Hampshire

32. Maryland

33. Connecticut

34. New  York

35. Delaware

36. Louisiana

37. Illinois

38. Texas

39. Montana

40. Georgia

41. New Mexico

42. California

43. Arizona

44. Minnesota

45. Nevada

46. Michigan

47. New Jersey

48. Florida

49. Hawaii

50. Alaska