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A Teacher Smeared Poop All Over a Park to Ruin the Principal's Birthday Party

January 9, 2019

Well this seems like a totally normal way to handle an issue at work. There's a 42-year-old woman named Heather Carpenter in Sarasota, Florida, and she works as a substitute teacher at an elementary school.  And apparently she had a problem with the principal at the school, who's a woman named Allison Foster.

Well last month, Heather knew Allison was throwing a birthday party for her daughter at a park. And Heather knew because her daughter was in the same class, and was invited. So to mess up the party, Heather went to the park earlier in the day, and rubbed human poop all over the picnic tables and the grill.

We don't know for sure whose poop it was, but you'd have to assume it was Heather's personal blend. Anyway, she wound up doing $2,300 in damage to the park, so she was arrested for damaging property and criminal mischief.