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Sometimes Soft Rock Love Songs Can Be So Cruel

February 8, 2019

Classic soft rock love songs sometimes have a deeper meaning. Sometimes if you really get into the lyrics they reveal something messed up going on. UltimateClassicRock.com put together a list of 14 Secretly Cruel Soft Rock Love Songs. Here three examples: 

1. "Nights on Broadway", The Bee Gees. The protagonist tells the object of his affection, quote, "Well, I had to follow you / Though you did not want me to / But that won't stop my loving you / I can't stay away."

2.  "You Can't Change That", Raydio.  So Ray Parker Jr. is telling his girl she's the only one for him, and that'll never change. Which would be romantic IF he stopped there.

3. "Escape (The Pina Colada Song)", Rupert Holmes. The fact that a couple accidentally realizes they're right for each other is overshadowed by the fact that they learned it while TRYING TO CHEAT ON EACH OTHER.

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