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Roger Daltrey Says Woodstock Sucked, If You Were a Performer

October 24, 2018

A lot of musicians cemented their legacies by performing at Woodstock.  But apparently, they went through HELL to do it.  Roger Daltrey of The Who says Woodstock SUCKED for the performers. In his new book "Thanks a Lot Mr. Kibblewhite", Daltrey says, quote, "Three days of peace and love?  Do me a favor. It was crazy even before we arrived. Pete [Townshend] spent several hours in the traffic jams. Other artists didn't make it at all. The whole place was chaos. Everyone all just hanging around and waiting their turn to go to the site.  And we waited and waited and waited."

On the night they were supposed to perform, the Who were summoned to the backstage area at 7:00 P.M., then waited another ten hours. He says, quote, "We were due on in the evening but by four the next morning we were still hanging around backstage in a muddy field waiting.  And waiting some more."

What made things worse for Daltrey was that he wasn't into drugs, and everything was laced with acid. Quote, "Even the ice cubes had been done. Fortunately, I'd brought in my own bottle of Southern Comfort so I was fine right up until the moment I decided to have a cup of tea. That's how they got me. A nice cup of hallucinogenic tea."

So by the time they hit the stage in the, quote, "pre-dawn gloom," Roger was sleep-deprived, tripping, and possibly battling the onset of pneumonia. On top of that were the stage jumpers, constant power cuts, monitors that kept cutting out, and bad sound. He says, quote, "This was my nightmare come true. It was billed as an Aquarian exposition: Three days of peace and music. But it was chaos."