Woman sues pet shop for not letting her go home with pricey poodle

September 28, 2020

One woman in NYC decided to sue when she couldn't get her paws on a new puppy she had just paid for.

When Maria Casale-Hardin shelled out $3,375 for a poodle at CitiPups NYC, she expected to be able to return home with the dog shortly after it was fixed. Despite visiting every day, the store would not relinquish the pup, the New York Post reports.

The poodle, Coco, had contracted kennel cough, which can take up to two weeks to resolve. The dog could not be spayed until she was no longer ill, but the store wouldn't let Casale-Hardin take her home, either.

As a result, Casale-Hardin sued the pet store for $50,000, claiming the store was trying to "inflict as much pain as possible" by withholding the pooch from her new owner.

According to the lawsuit, the store gave faulty information about the dog's condition and would not give timely updates about the state of the dog. Casale-Hardin was even willing to take the ill puppy home with her and get her spayed elsewhere.

In an email to Casale-Hardin, a store employee urged her to stop interfering with the dog's healing process. "The meds just need to do their job and the cold will go away," the email reads.

"You are also visiting your puppy multiple times a day, not giving your puppy the adequate time to be able to relax and resolve from this," the email continued.

The lawsuit has since been dropped, and the shop insists they were doing what was in the best interest of the dog. "Our veterinarian would not sign off on the puppy going home with a cough," store manager David Barton said in a statement.

"After explaining this to her, she demanded if she couldn't take Coco home, she would sue us. We were simply looking after Coco's best interest," he continued.

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