WATCH: These puppy 'ballerinas' will dance into your heart in adorable viral video

September 30, 2020

Sometimes, you just need something overwhelmingly cute to get you through the day, and a new video of puppy ballerinas that's making its away around the internet is just the thing.

What started out as a photo shoot quickly turned into adorable chaos in Elizabeth, Pennsylvania when dog breeder Karen Grubb Weatherbie set a litter of golden retriever puppies loose in a dance studio.

The puppies, all dressed as ballerinas, immediately started playing tug of war with their tutus and turning them into chew toys, and the whole scene was caught on camera.

Grubb says that she does different photo shoots for each litter of puppies to make them “more unique, fun, and memorable.”

The pups may not have mastered plies and pas de chat (or should we say chien?) just yet, but we doubt anyone thinks their sweet gamboling is anything but en pointe.

These puppies are still babies, but another golden retriever recently celebrated a big milestone, becoming the world's oldest golden retriever this past April. Augie, who lives in Oakland, Tennessee, celebrated with a dog-friendly carrot cake.

Her owners, Jennifer and Steve Hetterscheidt, say she still enjoys daily walks despite her old age. She gets SQ fluids twice a week, takes supplements, and eats a mix of wet and dry food.

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