WATCH: Stunning timelapse video shows fog engulfing San Francisco's iconic Golden Gate Bridge

September 25, 2020

This video will put you in a dreamy state of mind.

A video shared on Instagram shows San Francisco, California's signature fog rolling across the Golden Gate Bridge.

User Marion Williams noted in the caption that it took a “few years to catch these conditions.”

Williams said it took about 2.5 hours to shoot the footage and 4 hours to edit it.

The foggy weather phenomenon, known as Karl the Fog, according to The Washington Post, often engulfs the city and the iconic bridge.

It even has a Twitter account @KarlTheFog, which has amassed 355,000 followers.

According to KQED, the name Karl is a reference to the 2003 film "Big Fish."

Some say naming the fog has made them think of it less as bad weather and more as a friendlier presence.

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