Police Seeking Man Accused of Giving Customers ‘COVID Hugs’ in Walmart

August 23, 2020

    A man is being sought by police after allegedly giving customers hugs and telling them they have coronavirus at a Walmart in Massachusetts.

    The incident took place at 7:10pm on Aug. 15, according to the Springfield Police Department.

    The suspect went up to a victim and took an item out of his hand before giving him a hug, police said in a post of Facebook.

    "Just giving you a Covid hug. You now have Covid,” the man allegedly said before laughing and walking away.

    Police said that the victim of the “COVID hug” is a cancer survivor and had never seen the man before.

    The suspect had allegedly done this to other customers as well.

    A still image from security footage shows the suspect walking through the store wearing a black  t-shirt, camo cargo shorts, black sneakers and a black face mask.

    The Springfield Police Detective Bureau ask that anyone with info on the suspect or incident get in touch.

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