Coronavirus Patient Says 'Nobody Knows' When He’ll Fully Recover

March 17, 2020

As the whole world continues to deal with hardship over the coronavirus, patients have to deal with the actual pain.

James Cai, a New Jersey healthcare worker, was the state’s first coronavirus case, the New York Post reported.

Cai said “nobody knows” when he will fully recover from COVID-19.

The father and husband is struggling with being apart for weeks from his wife and daughter.

“I don’t know what’s exactly going on with me,” Cai said.

Before the actual diagnosis, Cai said he experienced chest pains, a fever and diarrhea. He explained how he has never gone through a serious medical condition. Cai has remained in isolation at Hackensack University Medical Center since March 2.

“I am getting better but at what extent? Nobody knows,” Cai said. He added that recurring coughing has left him with serious pains in his ribs.

The physician assistant said it has been “very hard” going through due to having to be away from his wife and little girl who are currently in isolation.

Referring to his child, he said his daughter is “not herself when I am not around.”

“I am afraid to call her,” Cai said. “I may cry.”

Cai said it is difficult to tell when he will be discharged from the hospital. The protocol for a coronavirus patient’s release is that they need to test negative before they can go home.

The father said he is “not sure” how he contracted the virus, but he did attend a conference in Times Square in New York City on the weekend of Feb. 28.

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