Neal Schon Shoots Down Fans Hopes And Dreams For A Journey Reunion

August 17, 2018

News of Steve Perry’s return to active duty — not to mention the release of “No Erasin’,” his first new music since the '90s — has made many people very happy, perhaps none more so than his old Journey bandmate Neal Schon. Since the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017, Schon has made a point of praising Perry in interviews, social media posts and from the stage at Journey shows. He has been busy this week responding to a lot of people on social media, including fans and Perry himself.

When Perry dropped his first hint that something big was coming — a five-second video that read “I know it’s been a long time comin’ …” — radio personality Mitch Lafon tweeted at Schon, “He’s back … How cool is that?” Schon responded, “Very cool.”

Schon himself checked out Perry’s tweet, re-tweeted it and responded to him, “So now hopefully we can have the coffee,” a reference to his stated desire around the time of the induction to just hang out with his old singer again. Then Schon tweeted this and it crushed us!