The Nine Things We Hate Most About Staying with Relatives

December 21, 2018

A new survey found 65% of Americans DON'T want to stay with family over the holidays.  But a lot of us are getting pressured into it anyway, or we'll do it to save money.


Here are the top nine things we hate most about staying with relatives . . .


1.  All the drama and arguments that happen.  45% said they go in expecting it.


2.  Uncomfortable sleeping arrangements.  Like sleeping on a pull-out couch or an air mattress.


3.  Not enough space for everyone, so it feels cramped.


4.  You can't GET IT ON, because someone will hear you.


5.  You can't watch TV on your own, or in bed.


6.  The food options suck.


7.  You can't walk around in your underwear.


8.  Having to share a room with a relative.


9.  You can't have a drink without being judged for it.