Night Ranger Searches For the 'Truth' In Their New Song [WATCH]

September 14, 2018

More than 35 years after Night Ranger debuted, they’ve remained a consistent presence on the touring circuit. And in a day and age where tapes and tracks occasionally help flesh out what fans are hearing in concert, a Night Ranger show delivers the real thing.

“You know, Tom Petty, God bless him, I saw him on that last tour and he said something that I love onstage and it really holds true with Night Ranger," Night Ranger bassist and singer Jack Blades tells UCR. "When you come see Night Ranger, there’s no artificial sweetening involved. In other words, what you’re hearing is coming out of the five people that are onstage. The vocals, the guitars, the keyboards, the bass. There’s no artificial sweetening coming out of any tape in the background or anything like that. It’s all us.”