What do you put on your hot dog?

Today is National Hot Dog Day

July 17, 2019

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In Cleveland, OH you can order a hot dog with different types of breakfast cereals as toppings. We’re not kidding. The restaurant is named “Happy Dog” and they’ll gladly put a handful of Froot Loops on your hot dog. This radical combination gained so much notoriety that Happy Dog opened a stand inside of Progressive Field, where the Cleveland Indians play.

You’re probably familiar with the Chicago Style Hot Dog. An all-beef dog inside of a poppy seed bun topped with yellow mustard, onions, an entire pickle spear, relish, peppers and much much more. Seriously, how does it all fit inside the bun?

Different cities put their own spin on how to prepare the classic American hot dog. According to OneTravel.com, here are a few more combinations that you can find across the map…

New York: Nothing but sauerkraut and mustard

Milwaukee: Secret Stadium Sauce (cooked in beer)

Seattle: Grilled onions, jalapenos and cream cheese

Kansas City: Melted cheese and thousand-island dressing (not BBQ sauce?)

Detroit: Beanless chili, raw onions and cheddar cheese

HotDog.Org added a few regional recipes as well, mostly found in their local baseball stadium.

Atlanta: Coleslaw and Vidalia onions

Houston: Chili, cheese and jalapenos

New Jersey: Pizza bread bun with onions, peppers and deep fried potatoes

Philadelphia: There is a fish cake inside the bun with the hot dog, topped with spicy mustard.

However you prepare your hot dogs, whether on the grill, at the ball park or quickly nuked in the microwave, enjoy it on #NationalHotDogDay