The Music Industry Loses $2.65 Billion a Year from Coffee Shops and Other Small Businesses

October 16, 2018

A new study claims the music industry is losing $2.65 BILLION a year from coffee shops and other small businesses. Because when they play music in their stores, they're supposed to pay a licensing fee. But a lot of them don't. They're just playing it from a personal streaming account like Spotify and Apple Music. According to the study, only 17% of businesses obtain licenses, while 83% illegally use a personal music service in public business settings.

In a way, it's a little like having a theater and playing content from your personal Netflix account for everyone to watch. That seems like an obvious no-no, but a lot of business owners don't realize they can't do that with music either.

The study found that an average of $8.33 a month is lost from each business using a personal music subscription, and an average of $11.96 a month is lost from every business using a FREE personal music service.