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Man Hang Glides For The First Time And Is Not Strapped In [WATCH]

November 27, 2018

Apparently, this man was in Switzerland for vacation when he decided “you only live once” and went hang gliding. There was a problem though. The pilot/”professional” never securely latched Chris into his harness. Actually he never hooked him in at all. Essentially, they took off from a 4,000 foot cliff with him just holding on by his hands.

For about 2:14 Gursky held on for dear life, and couldn’t even take in the stunning view (because he though he was going to die the whole time). That’s why you don’t do crazy things on vacations. We prefer to drink, eat, and take in nature with our feet on vacation. The video seems to be done on a green screen, doesn't it? 

You be the judge.