Kanye West Backed Out of Coachella, Because of Port-a-Potties and a Giant Dome

January 14, 2019

It turns out Kanye West was supposed to headline Coachella, but just two days before the lineup was announced, he backed out.  And now comes the weird part, because with Kanye, there's ALWAYS a weird part:

Kanye wanted to design and build a giant dome in the middle of the festival grounds, just for his performance. But they told him no, because there wasn't time to get it done, and also, they'd have to rearrange the entire festival including the removal of a large section of portable bathrooms.

"Billboard" says, quote, "West became irritated, declaring that he was an artist with a creative vision who shouldn't be spending his time talking about port-a-potties." Apparently, talks also broke down between Kanye and the Governors Ball festival in New York, but it's not clear if his dome idea had anything to do with it.