John Lennon's Killer Doesn't Know if He's 100% Remorseful Yet

November 16, 2018

It's been 38 years since MARK DAVID CHAPMAN killed JOHN LENNON, and he's still not sure he's, quote, "100% remorseful."  This comes from the transcript from Chapman's recent parole hearing, which was just released.

He added, quote, "I am getting there and it's a slow thing. You know, I look back at this kid, now 25, it's hard to admit I did something that heinous but it's true and lately I've come to grips with the shame part of it."

At least Chapman was honest. He even told the parole board, quote, "Of course I want to be released. Do I deserve to be released? That's another question. No, I don't think somebody that did what I did deserves anything."

Chapman WASN'T released. It was the 10th time his parole was denied. He's up again in 2020. One more grisly detail from Chapman's testimony: He said, quote, "I secured [hollow-point] bullets to make sure he would be dead.  It was immediately after the crime that I was concerned that he did not suffer."