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Jimmy Eat World Doesn't Like That Their Initials Are 'J.E.W.'

July 30, 2018

Jimmy Eat World shared some band-naming advice on Twitter over the weekend advice they wish they'd taken: Basically, be mindful of what your band's abbreviation would be. For Jimmy Eat World, it's J.E.W.

Drummer Zach Lind said, quote, "I'm not saying our name is not 'right,' but when we have to design merch or artwork, I often wish we'd have deliberated a bit more." They came up with the name in a rush back in 1994. They were practicing in a garage, when they got an offer to perform at a party outside a thrift store. They wanted the gig, but they didn't have a name yet.

A couple of the other guys had a previous band where they'd change their name for every gig and they called themselves 'Jimmy Eat World' at one. Zach said, quote, "We discussed it for less than five minutes, [and] we decided to call ourselves Jimmy Eat World so we could play this dumb party. 

"So moral of the story:  Even seemingly small and insignificant decisions can be much bigger than you could imagine. Slow down sometimes, and make sure it's right."  (You can follow the whole story on Twitter.)