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Guy Cheats On Wife, Gets Apology Tattoo On His Chest To Earn Back Her Trust

January 3, 2019

A guy named José is learning a lesson the hard way after he presumably was caught cheating on his wife. We're not sure because we don’t know José, but the list of confessions he just “voluntarily” tattooed on his chest all seem to point to straight to cheating. And, from the tattoo it looks like this is not just your ordinary cheating. From the tattoo it looks like he spent the family money on the illegla purchase of a lady of the night.

Does his getting the tattoo mean she will forgive him? Who knows. Does it mean he will, in fact, earn her trust back? Jury is still out on that one too. Did he probably go too far? You could say that, but you can’t put a price on love.

Happy New Year José! Here’s to better days. Also, just a head’s up… you spelled “deceiver” and “disrespectful” wrong, but hey, spelling is probably the least of your problems right now.