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Green Day and Earth, Wind & Fire Always Make a Little More Money in September

October 8, 2018

Here's a tip for all you aspiring musicians:  Write a song that's tied to a specific, annual event, and if it's a big enough hit, it'll pay off for you every year. Just ask Green Day and Earth, Wind, 7 Fire, who always get a little extra scratch in the month of September for doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

YouTube views of Green Day's "Wake Me Up When September Ends" video tend to DOUBLE at the beginning and end of September.  The video features Jamie Bell as a guy who enlists in the Marines and Evan Rachel Wood as his girlfriend. Now, YouTube only pays artists a fraction of a cent per stream, but when you add in Spotify and other streaming services, that's a decent little chunk of change you can depend on every year.

The same goes for Earth, Wind & Fire's "September", which saw a 286% increase over its normal views on September 21st alone.

So there's your tip of the day: Write a song that's relevant at least once a year. Oh, and it has to be good enough that millions of people want to listen to it every year for decades to come. But that's not too hard, is it?