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Eminem Played "Gunshots" During His Show at Bonnaroo, and Some People Couldn't Handle It

June 11, 2018

Eminem freaked some people out during his set at Bonnaroo on Saturday night. During "Kill You", he played what sounded like a loud gunshot, and not everyone could handle it. Which isn't surprising, since it was just last year that 58 people were killed during a shooting at an outdoor concert in Las Vegas.

Actress and YouTube star Andrea Russett was there, and she wasn't happy about it. She Tweeted that it was "extremely irresponsible and distasteful," and she added, quote, "To see the entire crowd drop to the floor out of instinct is not funny, cute, or amusing." Some people backed Andrea's account, but others came to Eminem's defense, saying he's been using that sound effect for a while, and this was the first time anyone complained.

Eminem's people even released a statement saying it's not a gunshot but a, quote, "pyrotechnic concussion" that he's been using for 10 years "without complaint." 

(There's one video that everyone's posting, but it cuts off almost immediately after the "gunshot". You can hear the very beginning of at least one scream, but that's it. WARNING!!!  This clip contains profanity.)