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Embrace Debate: Are Hot Dogs Actually Tacos?

December 17, 2018

There's been an eternal debate on the Internet over whether hot dogs are sandwiches.  And a few days back, the "Washington Post" decided to pour gasoline on that debate by adding a new option.

They say a HOT DOG is actually a TACO.Think about it. When you break it down to the absolute core, a sandwich is two pieces of any starch with any filling in between. So a hot dog shouldn't really qualify because it's a filling between just one, folded starch. 

But that SHOULD make a hot dog a taco, since it fits that definition better: Filling inside of a folded starch. And here's one more "food that's really another food" to blow your mind for the day: Vanilla soy lattes are really three-bean soup.

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