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Drunk Wisconsin Man Breaks Into House, Passes Out In A Dog Bed Next To 150lb Mastiff

January 4, 2019

A Wisconsin woman, Lynn Sarver, and her roommate woke up on New Year’s Day to find a drunk guy passed out, sleeping in their dog’s bed, next to their 150lb Mastiff. The man supposedly found a side door that was unlocked, let himself in, found the dog bed, and went to sleep right next to the woman. A drunk ALWAYS finds a bed.

Someway. Somehow.

A drunk person is completely useless, but will find a way to sleep in the most uncomfortable positions. It’s quite remarkable.

Sarver woke up in the early morning hours and naturally freaked out until she realized it was a harmless degenerate sleeping in her dog’s bed. She called the cops, and said the guy was very cooperative. She declined to press charges according to CBS – nice move on her part.