Did David Arquette Almost Die in a Pro Wrestling Match?

November 19, 2018

If you doubt the sincerity of David Arquette's return to pro wrestling, then you need to see what happened to him on Friday night. David was in a match against a guy named Nick Gage at some cheesy indie event. It was a "death match", which basically means no rules, multiple weapons, and lots of blood.

Those weapons included chairs, fluorescent light tubes, and even a PIZZA CUTTER. When Gage smashed one of the light tubes over David's head, it opened a pretty serious cut on his neck. David got on top of Gage, but put his hand to his neck and held it there. Then he got up and left the ring. Apparently, he decided that the show must go on, because he got back in.

At that point, it almost looked like he was trying to turn the match into a REAL fight, but Gage flipped him to the mat and pinned him.  Arquette didn't even try to get out of it, and the ref counted three.

As soon as he lost, though, Arquette just got up and left his hand still to his neck. After the match he Tweeted, quote, "Thank you to all the fans for your love.  I'm [all] stitched up." The Tweet included a picture of his tattoo of the Macho Man and Miss Elizabeth. 

He also Tweeted, quote, "Turns out death matches aren't my thing."