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Dave Grohl to Rock Out on New Tenacious D Album 'Post-Apocalyptico'

September 9, 2018

A new Tenacious D album requires a lot of special magic. The sheer magnitude of rock required to bring the hellacious duo’s black metal jams to wicked life would boggle the mind of mere mortals.

With Jack Black and Kyle Gass set to save the world on forthcoming magnum opus, Post-Apocalyptico(due to debut on Nov. 2), they called in none less than the Great Dude of All That is Rock, Sir Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters to assume his usual seat atop the band’s special studio drum throne.

Tenacious D have more than just a brain-melting new album on their minds. The dynamic duo of death-metal will bring Post-Apocalyptico to glorious Technicolor life as a six-part animated YouTube series of the same name. The show will premiere on Sept. 28.

he show (which will be entirely hand-drawn by Jack Black himself) will follow the duo as they save the world from the true evils that spring forth after a nuclear war. Watch the trailer below and feel the warm heat of Tenacious D’s heavy metal mental brilliance.