Bryan Adams Wants Young Musicians to Have More Control Over Their Work

September 20, 2018

Bryan Adams took a well-deserved break from performing "Summer of '69" to fight for artists' rights. Bryan is Canadian, and yesterday he spoke in front of Canadian government officials, asking for the copyright laws to be changed so that artists can regain control of their work while they're still ALIVE. It complicated, but in Canada, if a young artist gives up their copyright to a record label in order to get signed, they can't get the copyright back until 25 years after they've DIED.

He wants it changed so that it's closer to what we have in the U.S., when an artist can get control back 35 years after they ASK for it. It's still a long time, but that way the person who created the work still has a chance to regain control and benefit from it financially during their lifetime.

Obviously, any changes now wouldn't really affect Bryan much, he says he's campaigning to benefit young artists who are just starting out.  (So, everything he does, he's doing it for YOU.  Hi-Yo!)