The Best College Town In Minnesota is...

September 10, 2018

If you're looking to get your party on at college. Pick a university in Rochester. That's right, Rochester is apparently the best college town in the state, according to a study by Reviews.org. It looked at various data to come to this conclusion, including student population, rental costs, education rates, transportation access, unemployment and bar availability.

And using said criteria it was determined that Rochester – home to the University of Minnesota-Rochester, the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine, and Rochester Community and Technical College, among others – offers the best student experience in the state.

The Minnesota city didn't get anywhere near the top 10 nationally for student population, rental costs, transportation access etc., but bar availability? Yep, it's there at No. 10. Reviews.org came to this figure based on the number of people employed locally as bartenders. To be fair, there is a rather huge caveat to this study, in that it only looked at college towns with populations of less than 250,000. That rules out the Twin Cities, the home of the University of Minnesota and numerous other colleges. Nonetheless it shouldn't detract from the apparent fact that Rochester is where you want to go if you plan to party hard in college.