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Apparently Taylor Swift Sings About Alcohol A Lot More Now

April 12, 2018

TAYLOR SWIFT's 2017 album "Reputation" has something her earlier albums don't . . . and no, it's not lyrical depth or musical complexity.  Please.  It's references to BOOZE. A fan named Joe Hovde did the numbers, and he found that there are 13 references to alcohol on the album, while her first five albums only included FOUR:  Two on "Speak Now" and two on "1989". But at least Taylor's not pimping out brands, like rappers do.  Her references are pretty generic. She used eight different alcohol-related words:  bar, beer, champagne, drink, drunk, liquor, whiskey, and wine. This guy really dove deep into Taylor's lyrical content, and he came to the following conclusion . . . quote, "Taylor Swift is going through the phase where you brag about drinking alcohol rather late in life."