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For All The Maroon 5 Haters: They Did A Good Deed!

February 6, 2019

Everyone is mad at Maroon 5: Their Super Bowl Halftime Show was boring, they didn't address the Colin Kaepernick situation, and some of you might also think they're just generally a terrible band. But for all the haters, check this out: A news anchor from Wisconsin named Ted Perry shared a story from a few years back when Adam Levine was gracious enough to meet a local girl with terminal cancer on less than a day's notice.

Maroon 5 was playing in the area, so Adam had a limo sent to bring her and her mother to the venue, so they could chat, take photos, and she even got to watch the show from the wings. Perry says Adam couldn't have been more of a gentleman, but sadly, the girl passed away the very next day.