15 Artists That Have Never Won a Grammy But Should

January 17, 2018
By Anthony Capobianco With the 60th annual GRAMMY Awards only weeks away, only a handful of artists will take home a trophy from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. But much like many other award ceremonies, there are many artists that are often snubbed, overlooked, and robbed of the recognition they rightfully deserve. Below are just fifteen musical giants that have never walked away with a GRAMMY before. Guns N' Roses - 3 Nominations Queen* - 4 Nominations (Queen is set to receive a GRAMMY Lifetime Achievement Award this year.) Jimi Hendrix* - 1 Nominations Journey - 1 Nominations Joe Satriani - 15 Nominations Queens of the Stone Age - 7 Nominations Oasis - 2 Nominations KISS - 1 Nominations Janis Joplin - 2 Nominations Iggy Pop - 2 Nominations Rush - 7 Nominations The Ramones - 0 Nominations The Strokes - 0 Nominations The Who - 2 Nominations The Velvet Underground - 0 Nominations *Recordings by these artists will be inducted into the 2018 GRAMMY Hall of Fame. The 2018 GRAMMY Awards will broadcast live from New York City's Madison Square Garden at 7:30 PM ET on CBS Sunday, January 28.