Say Goodbye To Cheetos Fingers!

January 8, 2018
Anyone who loves Cheetos has dealt with the dreaded orange cheese finger dust that comes along with them. Some love it, others tend to get it EVERYWHERE.   ROCHESTER HILLS, MI - Here's a nightmare situation with a happy solution. You're sitting in front of the TV; the Lions game is on. To your left, an ice-cold Michigan brew. On your lap, a magnificent bowl of Cheetos, half devoured throughout the course of the game. Suddenly, your phone vibrates. There's just five seconds left in that Michigan State basketball game you totally forgot about. A buzzer-beater is imminent. You scramble to find the remote lost in the serenity of couch potato mode, but when you finally discover it underneath your chair, your reluctant to touch it because your fingers are covered in cheese. You run to the kitchen to get a napkin, rush back the living room and change the channel only to see the game is over. Bummer, right? Luckily, just in time for the NFL Playoffs and College Football Playoff National Championship, one Michigan resident has developed a product to save everyone from being miss-the-game-because-of-cheesy-finger guy. They're called chip fingers.