Redneck Olympics Forced To Change NameThe Maine Redneck Olympics have been told they have to change their name.
Man Calls Police To Report Prostitute’s “False Advertising” About LooksIt’s good to have laws that protect consumers from false advertising.
Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, “Tang Sucks”ang is famous for being the drink of Astronauts. However, it’s not Astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s drink of choice.
VIDEO: Bear Breaking Into TruckIt’s probably the most un-bear-ably adorable criminal ever caught on camera.
How Americans Speak English Differently From One AnotherYou say “po-TAY-toe”, I say “po-TAH-toe”
Best Break-Up Letter EverMessy break-ups used to be confined to friend, family, and innocent bystanders caught in the cross fire of flying flower pots and lamps.
Video: The ‘Gangnam Style’ ‘Cotton Eye Joe’ Mashup You’ve Been Waiting ForOkay maybe you haven’t been waiting for it, but after you listen you will be wondering why you haven’t been.
Pony Poops In Liquor StoreWilliam Saviano, 51, of Warren, Rhode Island needed a beverage, but like any concerned pet owner, he didn’t want to leave his animal at home.
How Does Superman Shave?Gillette is asking the question that every comic book nerd in this country has always wondered?
Lost Dog Lured Home With BaconEveryone loves bacon, including dogs. From the taste to the aroma, there is something that lures us to the source of that bacon-y deliciousness.
Man Makes Beer Stop During Police ChaseThirsty and on the run? The police can wait a few while you grab a cold one.
Jack’s New Favorite Sport: Combat JugglingJuggling isn’t just for clowns and circus performers anymore!

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