JACK's Inside Track: JourneyIf yer a purist and still waitin' on Steve Perry's return, don't hold yer breath...
Interview: The Doobie Brothers Go Country on 'Southbound'"I think it's a bit of an illusion as to who likes what kind of music. Just cause you're a country artist doesn't mean you don't like rock and roll, and just because you're playing rock and roll doesn't mean you don't like country." - Patrick Simmons
Justin Timberlake Imitates Michael McDonald, Alongside Michael McDonaldLast night (March 13) on Late Night, Jimmy Fallon and this week’s musician-in-residence, Justin Timberlake, donned the monstrous white coifs and dad suits (but not ties) of Michael McDonald for a very adult-contemporary version of “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.”
Chicago & Doobie Brothers Prep Summer Tour
Michael McDonald Talks Doobie Brothers and Steely Dan Connection
JACK's Inside Track: The Dukes of September
Summer Tour Guide
Al Green And Michael McDonald Launch U.K. Tour

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