The movie ‘Elf’ has become a Christmas movie classic. The next time you and your friends sit down to watch ‘Elf’ why not make it into a drinking game? Grab a drink this weekend and pop in ‘Elf’ and grab a drink.

1. Every Time Buddy Smiles – Buddy loves to smile so we know this one will happen a lot. Take TWO sips of your drink.

2. Someone mentions Santa – Everytime SANTA is mentioned chug your drink for 3 seconds. No cheating or lying. Santa’s watching.

3. Every Time Buddy Eats One Of The “Main” Food Groups For Elves – Remember, according to Buddy, the four main food groups are: “candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup.” We’ll let Buddy cover the food groups and we’ll just make sure to cover the alcohol consumption. Throw a shot back for this one. 

4. Every Time Someone Says Elf – Take a sip.

5. The Christmas Spirit – If Christmas Cheer of any kind is spread in any way, take THREE sips. Examples of this would include: Someone singing a Christmas song loud for all to hear, or when someone starts to believe.

6. The Ending – When the movie ends and everyone finally believes in Santa, chug that drink. That is definitely what Buddy would want you to do.


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