By nature, Minnesotans are pretty reserved people. We’re usually content keeping to ourselves. But if you get to know us well enough, you may find that we’re willing to confess a secret or two. These 10 Minnesota confessions are just the kind of thing you might expect if you run into a Minnesotan who’s in a sharing mood. Which ones do you relate to?

1. We secretly like Wisconsin. Sort of – While it’s no longer the pace of Sunday beer runs, Wisconsin still holds a place in the heart of many Minnesotans. We vacation there, we get cheese there, and we secretly love it

2. We’re not that nice all the time – Minnesotans are usually very nice to strangers and friends alike. We like to go out of our way to help people in need. But we are guilty of keeping outsiders at an arm’s length. It’s notoriously hard to make friends as a newcomer in Minnesota, but it’s not because we don’t want to be.

3. We get way too excited when any movie or TV show mentions Minnesota – From Fargo to Grumpy Old Men, there have been a few great movies over the years that were set in Minnesota. Minnesotans love them, and we secretly get excited when our state is featured in the media

4. It will always be Camp Snoopy to us – Out-of-towners may know it as Nickeloden Universe or the Park at MOA. But anyone who has lived in MInnesota for a few decades can’t think of that amusement park without calling it Camp Snoopy.

5. Okay, so maybe Jell-O has no business being in a salad – A staple of Minnesota potlucks everywhere, Jell-O salads are a uniquely Midwestern dish that most of us have at least tried. But do fruits and vegetables really need to be suspended in Jell-O? And does this dessert really need to be present at every potluck? Maybe not.

6. Speaking of salads, we’re still confused about what grape salad is supposed to be – Remember that New York Times pieces about Minnesota’s most popular Thanksgiving food? Most Minnesotans are still confused. Is it just grapes in a normal salad, or are they in Jell-O? What exactly is a grape salad, and who actually eats it?

7. Yes, sometimes it is cold enough for us – Despite being acclimated to the climate, even native-born Minnesotans get a little chilly sometimes. When the temperature dips below freezing, we’re just as miserable as everyone else.

8. Most of us have never actually had lutefisk – Lutefisk is part of Minnesota heritage, but that doesn’t mean we all eat it. In fact, there are many of us who have never put lye soaked fish in our mouths. And we’d like to keep it that way.

9. We love Starbucks as much as anyone – Yeah, Caribou is our hometown coffee shop. But which coffee place can you find in our hometown big-box retailer? Sometimes, you need coffee on a Target run. And during those times, you get Starbucks.

10. Sometimes even Minnesotans struggle with pronouncing our place names – Mahtomedi? Kandiyohi? Sometimes it takes a minute for us to get it right, even if we’ve been here our whole lives.


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