"Here's the worst example of it all. If he did run, he would win!"

By Abby Hassler

“Are you kidding me? Could the GOP of Michigan be that stupid. Kid Rock never in his life thought of, hinted towards, considered or joked about running for public office,” Ted Nugent told Michigan Live.

Rock created a campaign website and hinted at running for the senate in his home state this month, but his fellow rocker isn’t buying in. In two different interviews, Nugent adamantly denied that Rock would ever seriously consider running for public office.

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Nugent claims the entire rumor began when Michigan Republicans began throwing around names for the next race. They first looked at him after hearing his support of Trump. The problem is Nugent isn’t a Michigan resident anymore, he currently resides in Texas.

“Someone in the room then just pulled out of their a–, ‘well what about Kid Rock?’ That was it! That’s how it started!” he continued. “They went from what about Kid Rock, to Kid Rock’s running for Senate. Meanwhile, Kid Rock howled and laughed the whole time. He never considered running for Senate or public office.”

Nugent goes on to say, “To everybody. Shut the F up! Quit writing stories that Kid Rock is leading in the polls. He’s not running.”

He also shared this thought, “Here’s the worst example of it all. If he did run, he would win!”

See the full interview here.

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