Michael Moore is no stranger to controversy, and by now is probably used to constantly being verbally attacked by conservatives. Over the weekend he struck back.

In case you weren’t up-to-date with Moore’s latest spat, last week, the politically progressive filmmaker tweeted: “My uncle killed by sniper in WW2. We were taught snipers were cowards. Will shoot u in the back. Snipers aren’t heroes.”

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While Moore never mentioned the film American Sniper by name, many interpreted that as a critique of the film. And unsurprisingly, several people on the other side of the political fence let their opinions be known on Twitter as well.

Country music icon (and one-time Bob Dylan collaborator) Charlie Daniels lashed out at Moore, tweeting in response: “Hey Michael Moore These are the guys who defend the right for you to say the stupid things U say U might say thanks.”

Meanwhile, Kid Rock took to his website to offer this critique of Moore and filmmaker Seth Rogen, who also spoke about American Sniper unflatteringly.

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During the weekend, Moore posted a lengthy response that pointed out his support for our troops. He also argued that most of his critics on either side of the political fence, who voted for politicians who supported the war in Iraq, have in fact been detrimental to our armed forces.

“If you supported that invasion,” he said, “If you voted for George W. Bush and the Republicans and Democrats who backed this war, then you are the ones who have some ‘splainin’ to do. Not me. You. Because only ‘haters’ of our brave young men and women would recklessly send them into harm’s way for something that had absolutely nothing to do with defending the United States of America. Nothing. Nothing to do with 9/11.”

After offering that point, he goes on to list, in great detail, how he has in fact supported our troops. “I guarantee you, you’ve never heard any of this reported about what the real me does because, frankly, it messes up their little story of the fictional ‘Michael Moore’ they’ve created for your hate and enjoyment.

Read more about Michael Moore, veterans and American Sniper on Radio.com 



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