Cher Talks Lady Gaga Duet ‘The Greatest Thing,’ Pink Collaboration on New Album

It’s hard to believe Lady Gaga asked Cher to hold her meat purse at the 2010 VMAs, even harder to believe that the interaction led to a duet.

Two years ago, Cher and Gaga recorded “The Greatest Thing,” a song that Gaga and producer RedOne had been playing with in the studio for a couple years. Originally slated for release in September 2011, the song never saw the light of day. Back in June of this year, Cher offered a quick explanation regarding “The Greatest Thing” in a fan reply on Twitter. “It’s done & she doesn’t like it, or want it to come out,” Cher wrote at the time (and has since deleted). “She’s an artist, it’s up to her. I’m disappointed 2.”

Now “The Greatest Thing” has leaked, since that seems to be Gaga’s luck this week. Listen below, before it’s inevitably scrubbed from the Internet. (Update: Yep, it’s been taken down.)

Yesterday’s leak set Cher off on Twitter, mostly over the fact that it’s the “wrong” version of “The Greatest Thing.” Admittedly, the music does sound a little dated, a piano line and synthesized harps fighting for the focus over a dance beat and distorted vocal effects in the background. Basically, it sounds more Cher than Gaga in its particular brand of over-the-top gay dance club banger.

When sat down with Cher in late June, she mentioned that “The Greatest Thing” needed updating musically, and that’s part of why it wasn’t released.

“That’s a weird one, but also it’s the first one I actually recorded [getting back into the studio to make Closer To The Truth],” Cher “I was very excited about it, and I think the music needed to be updated because we did it two years ago. I think maybe that was a problem too, but she sounds great on it.”

Still, it was Gaga’s call to not release the song. When asked if she was disappointed by Gaga’s decision, Cher replied, “Oh God yeah!”

“Because I like it,” she continued. “As an artist, you make the decision that you feel, and she doesn’t feel it. I totally understand. It’s not my choice. Music is here (points to her heart), and if she doesn’t feel it, she doesn’t feel it. But I have it to listen to! (Laughs).”

Now, it seems, so does everyone else.

Cher’s first album in 12 years, Closer To The Truth, will be released Sept. 24 by Warner Bros. and features the lead single “Woman’s World.” She’s not ruling out the possibility of collaborating with Gaga again, but for the new album, Cher worked heavily with another pop star in the songwriting role — Pink.

“These songs, I just loved from five seconds into them,” Cher of Pink’s contributions to her forthcoming album. “She’s just a great singer and she’s great songwriter – she’s the total package. I understood them, and when you hear them, you’ll understand why I understood them. They’re so personal, but they work for both of us.”

– Jillian Mapes,


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