'True Blood' photo by John P. Johnson, courtesy of HBO

‘True Blood’ photo by John P. Johnson, courtesy of HBO

Over the course of its five seasons, True Blood has consistently been one of the best shows on television, not only for fans of vampires but for music fans as well. Each episode is named after a song title, and a number of artists have contributed new recordings to the show. Every week during season six, Radio.com speaks with True Blood Music Supervisor Gary Calamar, who has been nominated for GRAMMYs twice for his work on the show. 

Going into this week’s episode of True Blood, there were a lot of questions: How crazy would Eric go in the wake of Nora’s death by “hep-V?” Would Pam actually get naked with her “vamp camp”-assigned shrink? (Yes:  ”It was oozy – but productive,” she reported). And who is the hot vampire in the female prison in “vamp camp?”

But also, the title: “Dead Meat.” A bevy of artists have recorded songs with that title, including Bush, Pussy Galore, Judas Priest, the Supersuckers, and D.R.I.  So, which one would be in the show?

None of the above: the song they used was by Sean Lennon, from his 2006 album Friendly Fire, allegedly inspired by the breakup of his relationship with ex-girlfriend Bijou Phillips (Google “Sean Lennon Bijou Phillips break up” if you’re interested in more details).  ”Dead meat,” he sings. “Don’t you know you’re dead meat/You just messed with the wrong team/Better not try and fall sleep now.” Ouch!

But who does it apply to?  Could it be Bill, who may have made Eric his enemy again by not acting quickly enough to get Warlow’s blood in time to save Nora? Could it be Tara, Pam, Jessica and all the other vampires still in “vamp camp,” who may end up meeting the sun and the “true death,” per Bill’s visions?  Or maybe just Jason Stackhouse, who has been “claimed” by the mysterious Violet as “hers” for eternity (he’s now her source of both food and sex – the latter will take place when she feels like it and only then). If they escape from this vampire prison, trust that Jason will be sweating Violet for a long time.

It could, of course, be applied literally to Ms. Suzuki, who works for the Japanese company who creates Tru Blood. After she discovered that Governor Burrell’s deal with the company has allowed him to infect all outgoing bottles with hep-V, Sarah Newlin ends up feeding her to the male vampires.

John P. Johnson/Courtesy Of HBO photo: John P. Johnson/Courtesy Of HBO

Music Supervisor Gary Calamar tells Radio.com simply, “I’m not sure who came up with Sean Lennon’s ‘Dead Meat’ for this week’s end credit song, but when we listened to it at the spotting session we all agreed it was perfect in tone and lyrics.”

Calamar wrote in an email, “Sean Lennon is a great artist in his own write,” a sly reference to the book written by his father. “And it’s always a thrill for me to be associated with the fab four in any way.”

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There was one other bit of music in the show: before making a bad decision to go out drinking (in a graveyard, no less) — don’t judge her, she’s just two weeks old – Adylin Braelyn Charlaine Danika Bellefleur is listening to a song called “Red and White and Blue and Gold” by Aoife O’Donovan.

Calamar says, “I’ve recently become acquainted with [her music] and fell in love with it. ‘Red And White And Blue And Gold’ is a lovely song and really fits the mood of the scene. It’s from her new album, Fossils.”

Next week’s episode is “Life Matters,” and there aren’t many songs with that title. Any guesses to what the song will be?

John P. Johnson/Courtesy Of HBO

– Brian Ives, Radio.com


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