Former Depeche Mode member Alan Wilder has not only put his prized Mercedes 300SL up for sale, but the musician has gone into great detail about the car’s history in the hopes of finding a suitable bidder.

The sale of the vehicle comes two years after Wilder auctioned off a huge collection of Depeche Mode memorabilia, notes music site Slicing Up Eyeballs.

“I find that I don’t use the car enough these days due to having a family and the space requirements that imposes,” explained Wilder on his official blog, typically dedicated to his band Recoil. “I bought the Merc back in 1991 when it was first released and had to remain on a waiting list for 6 months such was the excitement and demand for the (then) cutting edge model. I have looked after her meticulously over the years and just cannot stand to see her sitting in my garage not being used.”

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According to Wilder, the car is in relatively good condition with a scant 72,824 miles on the odometer, although long since out of warranty. Wilder purchased the right-hand drive sports car at the beginning Depeche Mode’s stratospheric years, thanks to the success of Violator, the album considered to have rocketed the band to international stardom.

Wilder's 300SL (Courtesy

Wilder’s 300SL (provided photo)

Now, given the financial wherewithal he likely had, it’s interesting that Wilder opted for the more conservative 6-cylinder 300SL over the faster less-economical V8 500SL. According to Kelly Blue Book, a comparable 1993 SL with the same options in excellent condition should sell for $6,010 making Wilder’s car rather affordable to a potential U.K. buyer. But for U.S. fans, don’t plan on bringing the car into the U.S. unless you plan on spending ample time and money on the complicated import process.

On Wilder’s blog, he recounts a harrowing tale of a fatal aircraft accident witnessed while he was seated in the Mercedes just yards away from the plane wreckage. The event spawned at least one song’s lyrics.

Did Wilder list the car on eBay or Craigslist? Nope. Bids for the Mercedes can be submitted at


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